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Unlock financial freedom and hidden truths with Antoine Stewart’s “Consideration.”

In “Consideration,” Antoine Stewart explores critical thought and value exchange, addressing financial struggles in black and minority communities and redefining life insurance as valuable for the living


In this book, ” Consideration,” the essence of consideration is explored through two main themes: critical thought and the exchange of value. By delving into critical thinking, I (Antoine Stewart) shed light on why the black and minority communities often struggle with financial freedom and why certain information is kept hidden. Additionally, the concept of consideration is examined in terms of value exchange, both in the context of the book itself and in real-life situations like life insurance. While traditionally viewed as protection for after death, I (Antoine Stewart) challenge readers to consider how life insurance can also hold value for the living

Here are a few attractive options for the top line of your book cover:

1. “Unveiling the Secrets of Value Exchange”
2. “Unlocking Financial Freedom Through Thoughtful Consideration”
3. “Reimagining Life Insurance for the Living”
4. “Empowering Communities with Critical Thought”
5. “Discover the Hidden Values in Everyday Life”

Feel free to choose the one that resonates most with your book’s message.


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